The WiLLi Team

Highest Dedication
to Craftmanship

So, who’s behind this WiLLi label? Firstly, of course, Willi himself, who you just got to know a little bit. Then, there’s the two of us: Ute, Willi’s mum, and Alex. We are both working in the fashion industry. Alex as a fashion editor and Ute as an art-buyer. Willi is a project that comes from our hearts. 

We celebrate every single one of you who we can make just as happy as we are with our shirts! In case you have any further questions, require high-resolution images, or want to order your own WiLLi shirt do not hesitate to contact us here.

Hi I’m WiLLi, I love to eat sushi and will not tell you what I want to become when I grow up – because that is a secret. I also like to draw.

— WiLLi